TALENT WATCH: Rapper and Producer K-47

30 Jul


A look at upcoming rapper and music producer Kevin “K-47” Kibanani. He would have set his hair down but for the lack of said hair. Jovial, fun loving and lover of banter, here is a brief look at this talented Kenyan Kopite.


Date of Birth: 25 May 1988
Star sign:  Gemini
Astrological characteristics: Independence, energy, focus, self-sufficient, ambition, nervous energy, career-oriented
Place of Birth: Burnt Forest, Rift Valley
Grew up in: Nairobi and Bungoma (hometown)
Career: Music (rapper/producer). Own label, The Family Force Recordz
Stage Name: K-47
Real Names: Kevin Gerrard Kibanani
Favourite Player: Steven Gerrard. Inspired my 2nd baptismal name.
Started LFC Support: Late 90s,principally inspired by Robbie Fowler

Why Liverpool? No idea. Things just fell in place.

Future: Currently studying Finance at the University of Nairobi (UoN).

Did you know? While not rapping or studying, K-47 is a no nonsence defender for the LSCK football team. All rounded.

You can have a look at two of the artiste’s songs through these links:

‘Call Me: http://youtu.be/BxmVBGrOGvo

‘Tradition’ (Featuring Abbas Kubaff): http://youtu.be/3ubscU2q0iE

LFC LOGO 100x100


One Response to “TALENT WATCH: Rapper and Producer K-47”

  1. Marley Sianto 30 July 2013 at 16:12 #

    Gerraaaaard!!! haha gud gud

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