The LSCK Football Team

30 Jul

392825_489280394469956_1993686110_n 486445_10152317849820961_541966202_n

253712_10200391578144618_131659417_n 559150_10200391574224520_1386116557_n 903749_501694546562790_1180802710_o 971408_4633191596281_137154017_n 13377_4633200996516_1643382210_n 260341_4633201156520_549740240_n 965691_10151759136169393_2044791502_o 260341_4633201156520_549740240_n 13377_4633200996516_1643382210_n 971408_4633191596281_137154017_n 392825_489280394469956_1993686110_n 486445_10152317849820961_541966202_n 253712_10200391578144618_131659417_n 559150_10200391574224520_1386116557_n 903749_501694546562790_1180802710_oThe LSCK Football Team

Photos of the football team

Competitive and determined despite training part time and in a self-sponsored manner. Recent victories have been achieved against the Kenya Sports Journalists, Chelsea Kenya and commendable draws against Arsenal Kenya.

LFC LOGO 100x100


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