Liverpool Supporters Club Kenya (LSCK) Origins: From K1 to 1,200+

7 Aug


All ideas begin with a problem, a need or just plain guts. The founding of Liverpool Supporters Club Kenya (LSCK) is no different.

Karanja Winbern was a troubled man, one whose mind was supposed to be on his office job but instead kept getting bugged by thoughts of his beloved club, Liverpool. Surfing the internet to catch up on club news could not address the What If of meeting up with fellow Kopites here at home.

It all began with a couple of friends on his Facebook wall, the likes of Sophia Musembi, Wallace Karani, and John Irungu. These and many more. After all, even Jesus of Nazareth had to begin with just two cousins.

Taking a risk, Winbern chatted up pals he had never seen and they agreed on a suitable venue within the city, at K1 ‘Soccer City.’ Here goes nothing,  the convenor must have thought. If it doesn’t work out at least the effort would have been worth it. To his utter shock, the said fans did show up.

The game itself, our epic rivalry with Manchester United, didn’t respect destiny’s script, ending in a 2-3 loss for the Reds. However, the sheer joy of meeting up with fellow fans drowned out anything else. A post-match meeting was agreed upon to which the scattered group availed their time.

‘I still have the notebook where we recorded our first minutes!’ a proud Karanja remembers, almost jumping off his seat in excitement.

The original group was full of characters, from James Konde owner of kudadadeki, and so many words that only he can conceive; to John Irungu supplier of quality muratina; Mr. Graphics Jeff Oigo; ever loud Sayyed Muharram; the man and his beloved Tusker Moses Kago; ever smiling Grace Kabura; Wallace Karani, Hussein Mohamed, Boniface S. Mukabwa, John Kinuthia, Josiah Karanja the Kopite, D’Lubega Munobwa, Peter Njoroge, Sophia Musembi a.k.a. Mlami, Sidi Elizabeth the Coastal Queen with an accent ya ‘watu wa Bara;’ Carol Kings whom Winbern picked up after she failed to find her way to the venue, and the mysterious Allan who disappeared immediately after the game.

The meeting over and members having agreed to change the venue to Timers Restaurant, Kenyatta Avenue, the group nominated the following as the first ever officials:

Chairman – Jeff Oigo

Secretary – Sidi Elizabeth

Coordinator – Karanja Winbern


PIONEERS: The original 15 members at K1 ‘Soccer City’ from whom the group has grown. The meeting’s convenor, Karanja Winbern can be seen standing on the extreme left. Photo dated 19 September 2010.

The phenomenal growth of the group, boasting in excess of 1,200 members to date, owes everything to this lot of 15 that answered Winbern’s call. The group remains open to any Kenyan Liverpool supporter but also draws a cosmopolitan membership from the region and abroad.

You’ll Never Walk Alone!

LFC LOGO 100x100


4 Responses to “Liverpool Supporters Club Kenya (LSCK) Origins: From K1 to 1,200+”

  1. james konde 8 August 2013 at 04:45 #

    Kudadadeki,good stuff Mr Wanjere!

    • lsck8 8 August 2013 at 10:18 #

      Asante maradufu James.

  2. Kahuna 8 August 2013 at 08:34 #

    Very nice good read! lovely! Good stuff!

    • lsck8 8 August 2013 at 10:18 #

      Comment appreciated The Kahuna. Thank you.

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