How Bill Shankly Changed the Team

4 Sep

Liverpool FCs first ever FA Cup triumph in 1965. Source:

…The Scot knew exactly the type of player who would help reignite Liverpool. And his first port of call was Denis Law, who he knew inside out from their time at Huddersfield.

Law, who went on to become a Manchester United legend, might have helped kick-start the Anfield dynasty had the board not turned down Shankly’s request to try and sign him. As it was, in March 1960, Law signed for Manchester City for a British record fee of £65,000.

Shankly turned his focus to Jack Charlton, Bobby’s brother, but was unable to prise the centre-half away from relegation-threatened Leeds…


…Two years later, in 1964, they were league champions.

This was a time when the great Tottenham team of the early 1960s was in full swing and Manchester United, with the likes of George Best, Bobby Charlton and Law, were the team of individuals, who enthralled the nation.

But they couldn’t match the ethic Shankly instilled in his side; that of all of one and one for all.

His was a hard team to beat and they played good, quick football. They had talented players, but they were so subsumed to the identity of Shankly that they were more of a collective unit.

In 1965, they won the FA Cup for the first time in Liverpool’s history. In the very same year, they could have very easily have been the first British team to win the European Cup, but for a second leg from hell against Italian giants Inter Milan in the semi-finals…| How Bill Shankly Changed the Team

Story first appeared in the official Liverpool FC site on 04 September 2013

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