How Bill Shankly changed the Fans

5 Sep


…Shankly arrives and he can spot quite early on that there is this amazing, potentially highly-vocal and animated bunch of people, who all pile into Anfield every other week without fail to support the side.

“The numbers didn’t drop during the wilderness years. The people still came. They were loyal, but they needed something to give them a lift. And I think it says everything that he understood that once you have the fans on side, everything else will follow.

“Shankly knew that if the fans loved him and the team, they would support them throughout. But while anyone can do the standing on the side of the pitch and blow the kisses to the crowd while holding the badge, Shankly was genuine.”

In the years that followed Shankly’s retirement in 1974, that genuineness soon became apparent as letters penned by the great man to fans slowly began to surface.

“These were letters that would never go on the internet, that weren’t going to be read by anybody else, but were just going to sit in someone’s wallet for the whole of their lives and be treasured – that’s genuine,” said Stephen. “And his letters are astounding…” | How Bill Shankly changed the Fans

Story first appeared in the official Liverpool FC site on 05 September 2013

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