HISTORY: Why the spirit of the Boot Room lives

6 Sep

HISTORY: Why the Spirit of the Boot Room Lives

“…not clever enough” | Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish on why he wouldn’t enter the original Boot Room as a player

…But going back to the Boot Room, it’s amazing how so much intrigue and mystique surrounds what was basically an old broom cupboard. To look at, it was nothing special. It measured about eight feet square and there was nothing remarkable about it apart from the people who used it.

Inside, there was a table and a cupboard, some old photographs on the wall, a rack where the boots would hang and a few crates to sit on. That was it! The likes of myself, Joe, Ronnie and Roy would be in there every day as part of our daily routine. It was our office, so to speak, and the place where we’d meet to discuss every aspect of life at the club.

The boss of the time would very rarely come in, they had their own proper office, but after a match the visiting manager and his assistant would often be invited in for a drink. From the conversations that went on in there we’d glean all manner of useful information that invariably helped the team in its quest for success.

Word spread about the Boot Room. Suddenly there was this aura about it and people still talk about it today. To be honest, at the time, we never gave it a second thought. It was just a place where we went about our business and did our work. But looking back it was a special time to be part of the club and for that I am eternally grateful to the late Tom Saunders…

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Story first appeared in the official Liverpool FC site on 24 November 2005 

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